Our range of products.


Lineup Board is the new shift-based equipment planning software from Devfu that moves you from whiteboards to your intranet. Using a web-based system, Lineup allows you to manage your equipment and worker allocations quickly and easily so that it can be clearly communicated to the entire workforce. Simply drag and drop! If you already have a computer-based system to manage your shift lineup, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is with our web based solution.

The best part about this system is there’s no software to install on your computer to use it! Use your favourite web browser in full-screen mode and you’re up and away. Lineup Board has multi-browser support (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and integrates easily with existing network security (Active Directory). There are no other dependencies for this system beyond your standard IT infrastructure.

We’re keen to work with you to integrate our application with your existing fleet management system to leverage the strengths of both.

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RecFU is a reconciliation tool to support a mine’s reconciliation processes by storing all records, documents, images in notes in a common location. This information is then drawn on to quickly create PDF reports to share summary information with others. RecFU also allows you to rapidly interrogate the information in the system by using pivoting features to analyse the data entered for each reconciliation on an aggregate basis.

Operational Dashboards

The operational dashboards are a web based presentation framework to present information to the workforce from operational data sources such as fleet management systems. To ensure the right message is communicated to our clients, devFU works to produce custom slides to visualise the appropriate information in a quick to digest form.

Any number of customised presentations can automatically be presented on a rotating basis enabling you to run many displays for different users from the one system. In addition to data sources, the dashboard can display static images for purposes such as safety notices and blast information that is managed in the application and hidden once the scheduled blast time has passed.

Stockpile Smart

To allow better management and tracking of your in-pit/ ROM stockpiles, Stockpile Smart provides a simple tool to quickly identify current stockpile levels and easily apply adjustments. Integrating with existing fleet management systems, the process is mostly automated only adjustments need to be manually entered.

Coal quality is estimated based on the seam and location of the source coal and is then prorated when combined with other coal on a stockpile to give you the best estimate of the coal quality when you reclaim a stockpile which may contain a mixture of diverse coal seams and locations.


A tool to allow quick analysis and filtering of data, dataFU ties in to your reporting platform to extract the data you need quickly. Output to Excel will allow you to graph and manipulate the data as you see fit. Common queries can be saved for later reuse.

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