Custom Software Development

Why settle for software that doesn’t follow your existing processes and requires your team to change the way they do things just to keep a piece of software happy?

Our team is passionate about developing custom solutions in partnership with our clients. From excel automation and simple desktop applications to fully featured web based systems to use on any device, we will guide you to the appropriate outcome. We understand the technical languages, standards and technologies to ensure project success.

Projects have included:

  • recFU, a coal and waste reconciliation application developed in conjunction with a Hunter Valley coal mine that has been very well received and significantly streamlined reconciliation processes.
  • A web-based overtime management system that has been deployed across two sites also located in the Hunter Valley

Great employees are never cheap, so don’t waste their time with the wrong software. We can point you to existing solutions that will meet your needs with a few little tweaks, or we can develop a solution based exactly on your needs from the ground up.

We can develop a new package for you to use, making sure that it is a fixed cost expense and that there are no costs for bugfixes, or we can act as your programmer, incorporating your ideas to form new Intellectual Property (IP) that you retain giving you the freedom to take the result anywhere you want it to go

Contact us to find out more about having software developed for your needs.

Technical Consulting Services

With our knowledge of systems integration and what technology is available to our clients, we are ideally placed to provide objective consulting services to mines to provide focused support on projects and guidance on steps forward for key systems. Key projects have included:

  • Development, integration and deployment of touch screens in supervisor’s light vehicles.
  • Systems review of a site’s payload management system to identify any systemic issues, identify areas for improvement and to provide an increased level of confidence in the system to site management.

Our consulting services will help you identify key risks to your plans and opportunities that you may not have considered giving your project the best chance of success.

Production Reporting

A key component of our services provided to clients in the past 12 months has been delivering reporting outputs, often using the MinVU reporting environment, to assist in business improvement projects and supplement existing reports on site to provide a focus on areas of concern. Projects in this field have included:

  • Development of value driver tree tool to identify the value of increased truck operating time
  • Reporting to support various lean initiatives.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us for more information.

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